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Welcome to Cleaner Outsourcing Service Kathmandu Nepal, your trusted provider of professional baby care services in Kathmandu. Finding reliable and caring babysitters for your children is a top priority for any parent. Our dedicated babysitter service offers experienced and compassionate caregivers who are committed to providing a safe, nurturing, and engaging environment for your little ones.

 Why Choose Our Baby Care Service?

Selecting the right babysitter is essential for your child’s well-being and your peace of mind. Our babysitter service ensures that your children receive the highest quality of care, with a focus on their safety, development, and happiness. We carefully select and train our babysitters to meet your specific needs and preferences.

– Peace of Mind: Knowing your child is in the hands of a caring and experienced babysitter allows you to focus on your work or enjoy a well-deserved break.

– Consistent Routine: Our babysitters follow your established routines, providing stability and comfort for your child.

– Developmental Support: Through engaging activities and personalized attention, we support your child’s growth and development in a nurturing environment.

– Convenience: Our flexible scheduling and personalized care make it easy for you to find the right babysitter at the right time.

 Why Choose Cleaner Outsourcing Service Kathmandu Nepal?

– Experienced Caregivers: Our babysitters are experienced, compassionate, and dedicated to providing the highest standard of care for your children.

– Thorough Screening: We conduct extensive background checks and interviews to ensure the safety and reliability of our caregivers.

– Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our priority. We strive to exceed your expectations with our quality service and attention to detail.

– Affordable Rates: We offer competitive pricing for our babysitter services, making quality child care accessible for all families.

Here are our Nanny’s/Baby Care monthly salary

1Baby care related works1 hourRs 6,000
2Baby care related works2 hoursRs 7,000
3Baby care related works3 hoursRs 9,000
4Baby care related works4 hoursRs 10,000
5Baby care related works5 hoursRs 11,000
6Baby care related works6 hoursRs 12,000
7Baby care related works7 hoursRs 14,000
8Baby care related works8 hoursRs 16,000
9Baby care related works9 hoursRs 17,000
10Baby care related works10 hoursRs 18,000
11Baby care related works11 hoursRs 19,000
12Baby care related works12 hoursRs 20,000

BabyCare Service Agreement with Terms and Conditions:

First Party: Customer

Second Party: Cleaner Outsourcing Service Kathmandu Nepal

-Any loss or theft at the home of the first party shall not be the responsibility of the second party.

-If a worker leaves their position as a result of poor behavior or abuse, the second component is not obligated to hire a replacement.

-At the end of the month, the first party is required to pay maids remuneration directly to the maid.

-The first party must pay Rs. 2,000 to reserve a maid and this money is never refundable. This amount is valid till 2 months of the reservation date.

-After two months from the booking period if the first party wants to replace or wants another maid, the first party should book our service again with our service charge.

-We disclaim all liability for any potential future legal outcomes.

-The first party must gather the maid’s original documents, including her citizenship, family contact information, and relatives for safety and reliability (if necessary).

-After the maid one week trial period, the client must notify the company. If satisfied, first party can continue with her but if not satisfy the first party have to pay her working days salary then the company will replace her with another. Only two maids will be replaced within one month if not satisfied with our provided maid.

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Ensure the best care for your child with Cleaner Outsourcing Service Kathmandu Nepal. Contact us today to schedule your babysitter service or to learn more about our comprehensive baby care solutions. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to assist you.

– Phone: 9848865969

Email:  [email protected] 

– Address: Chabahil, Kathmandu

Trust Cleaner Outsourcing Service Kathmandu Nepal for professional and reliable babysitter services in Kathmandu – your partner in providing loving and dependable care for your children.

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