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Water tanks are utilised to give capacity of water to use in numerous applications, drinking water, water system for plants and animals, substance fabricating, food arrangement as well as numerous different purposes. Water tank cleaning service in Kathmandu has boundaries incorporating the general plan of the tank, and decision of development materials, linings. Different materials are utilised for making a water tank.

 Water tank cleaner for brushing and washing. For washing garments, farming reasons and green growth get saved on the dividers, roof and floor of the water tank. The testimony taints the water and makes it ill suited for use. Water tank cleaning service is the most important part of a person’s health. The dirty water causes different diseases. A tank cleaning machine helps in cleaning the colossal assortment of compound deposits and green growth. Substance big haulers transport a gigantic assortment of synthetic and oil items in worldwide and short ocean exchange. Because of this assortment the following freight is never indistinguishable with the past freight. Consequently, tank cleaning is fundamental on substance and items that should be cleaned differ broadly in their properties and qualities. Moreover, the substance business and their clients have constantly expanding quality prerequisites. 


 We are a professional water tank cleaning service in Kathmandu, bhaktapur and Lalitpur area. Water is life’s admittance to clean water is an honour that ought not be underestimated. Together at Petro Kleen, we make it our centre concentration and assurance to give you benefits that empower your association to assist its occupants with flourishing. Whether you give water to a private foundation, a local area or a whole city, we’re good to go to assist you with performing at your most significant level.

  • Forestalls infection flare-up.
  • Limits the chance of other medical issues because of less poisons being available.
  • Practical to the association as tanks will not need to be completely supplanted in mass. This additionally delays the life expectancy of the actual tanks as contaminations, rust, consumption, slime and microorganisms won’t cause it to deteriorate quicker.
  • Standard support saves assets like exertion, time and cash from expensive fixes.
  • Diminishes the possibilities of blockages from contaminants causing plumbing issues and causing spills. These blockages can likewise run into different regions of the framework in the event that they do not tend to on time
  • Might it be said that you are prepared to get everything rolling? Make sure to be in contact with us. We are specialists in the field of tank cleaning and devoted to assisting all of our clients with keeping up with the best expectations of neatness – even outperform them.

What is the process of Water Tank Cleaning Service?

1. Motorised De-watering

In the First phase of Mechanised De-watering of your water tank process the Manhole and environmental elements are cleared off soil, mud and green growth after which the water beneath the foot-valve level is syphoned out utilising unique de-watering supplies.

2. Slime Removal

In the Second Stage of Sludge Removal the ooze which has chosen the floor of the tank is sucked out utilising our exceptional slop syphoning types of gear

3. High Pressure Cleaning

In the Third Stage of High Pressure Cleaning the Walls and roofs of the tanks are completely cleaned utilising exceptional high strain fly cleaners which free of the dividers off calcinations, green growth and all toxins which grip on the inside surface of the tank helping the microbiological pollution to develop.

4. Vacuum Cleaning

In the Fourth phase of the muck expulsion process an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is utilised to eliminate the resultant impurities, making the tank totally bit free.

5. Hostile to bacterial Spray

In the Fifth vital Stage of Anti-bacterial treatment the dividers and roofs are made absolutely sterile from bacterial assault utilising uncommonly created Antibacterial specialists.

6. UV Radiation

Lastly in the Sixth Stage of the cycle last cleansing and sanitization is finished utilising UV Radiation by a uniquely evolved UV Radiator which is utilised to kill any suspended or drifting microorganisms staying in the tank.

What Reason to choose a water tank cleaning service?

Water tank cleaning service in Kathmandu is frequently pondered concerning when to settle on water tank cleaning administrations. The following are 3 principal reasons that will demonstrate the water tank cleaning service in kathmandu.


         Having your water tank cleaned consistently will inevitably bring about less amassing of soil and microorganisms in the tank. Normally on the off chance that the water doesn’t come being used it brings about the development of green growth on the upper layer of water. At the point when this water is cleaned, the green growth adheres to the compartment for example the tank. Assuming the tank is cleaned consistently, it will guarantee that every sort of soil or harm is stayed away from the tank and in this manner to the water.


As referenced before, water is the most fundamental piece of our life. In any case, it can turn into the reason for a few infections also. Water borne infections can be forestalled utilising the right security measures. As a beginning, clean drinking water is an unquestionable requirement. To have clean drinking water, the capacity ought to be similarly perfect. Accordingly, water tank cleaning administrations consistently annihilate sicknesses leaving you with a solid and new way of life.


Instead of picking proficient administrations, we will quite often get things done all alone now and again. Notwithstanding, compromising as far as water isn’t worth the effort. Our group of specialists are exceptionally prepared and experienced to give you the most legitimate and best cleaning administrations that will guarantee total and unadulterated cleaning of the water tank. This way you can unwind as expert water tank cleaning administrations will be given to you consistently.

Importance of water tank cleaning service?

  1. Clean water carries many harmful germs.
  2. Water filtration framework are not 100% effective.
  3. Water with impurities is the main source of death.

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